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The 1920's when Japan tried to build the base as industrialized country. Be "spring" an indispensable parts to all of machines and apparatuses, and only the self sufficiency to have hardened the base of industry. However, a real special manufacturer was equal to not being in Japan at that time, springs almost relied on the import. The industrial world was anxious for the appearance of "spring" special manufacturers. From such a background, "spring" manufacturers established one after another in Kanto, Kansai, and the central part district. Hayashi Spring is also one of them. Those who the founder Denjiro Hayashi's target was to produce Japanese make "spring" of the quality not defeated at European "spring". However, as a workman Denjiro, a serious effort was necessary by the time the major company's product test was authorized. However, the test was splendidly cleared and business started. In 1921, "Hayashi Spring" was established in May. To improve the technology and accumulate know-how as well as our motto "Keep Progress". As a result, Hayashi Spring acquired a position as a pioneering manufacturer in the central part district.

Recognize the role of "spring" is the base of industry, always offer the products with highest quality, and meet the needs of the industrial world. Never forget the establishment spirit of "Keep Progress", carry out technological development and a managerial reformation corresponding to the age, and moreover, perform the mission as an industry pioneering manufacturer. In addition, to aim at a perfect factory under the words of "Creation, Challenge, Progress", and wish all employees' prosperity. To become a special manufacturer with a suitable base and technology corresponding to the coming FA age in the 21st century. Concretely, develop and promote fully automated lines to by our peculiar technology. Accomplish the mission as a new material and new technological manufacturer.
Representative director
Masahiro Hayashi

Environmental policy.
-Basic policy-
All the members follow the environmental regulations to reduce the resource and energy waste, and practiced continuously to prevent it from pollution.
ISO 14001 approved
"We acquired ISO 14001 the environmental management system in November, 2003, aim at the protection of environment "
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