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There is another technology that we can show off is wire rod and pipe bending. In the bending processed products, even parts of the same usage the bending process is slightly different depending on the model, it is typically a small amount but multi-product parts. Doing with a small press and a bending device was common sense so far. However, it takes time to the arrangements because of using a mold and also requires a multi process though it is easy work. The correspondence ability has become a problem in a small lot manufacturing. So we did not use the mold but developed our original "Bending machine" that continuously does a series of bending processing there. The common sense of the bending processing was changed. In 1984, auto NC wire rod bending machine completed. It equips with computer, can set up the bending direction and angle freely according to the numerical control. Full automation by non-worker can be processed. Moreover, because the mold is unnecessary, it is easier and faster for the arrangements. This dramatic reformation conforms to a small amount multi-product production, and wakes up the needs in a new field.
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